Monday, March 30, 2009

Rotation for Next Season

Next season's rotation should be interesting to see. I think we can assume that Trevon, J-Bo, and Leuer with start, but after that it's up to interpretation. I think it will go something like this...

6'0" PG/SG - Trevon Hughes = should have a great season with better play-making support around him and better decision-making
6'2" SG - Jason Bohannon = with the added depth to the perimeter, hopefully he can play less minutes to increase his effectiveness shooting deep, you could tell he didn't ave his legs under him at the end of games this season
6'8" SF/SG - Tim Jarmusz = Bo likes his upperclassmen and values consistency over potential, so I figure he gets the spot over Wilson or Evans, he's a decent defender, smart with the ball and a good threat from 3
6'10" PF/SF - Jon Leuer = if Jon can become just an above-average defender and a bit stronger in the post on offensive, he's the complete package and an All-Big 10 caliber player
6'8" PF - Keaton Nankivil = For the same reasoning as Jarmusz, Bo goes with Nankivil over Berggren or Bruesewitz, he's got all the tools, just has to be more aggressive, I think we saw a preview of next season in the 2 tournament games (he shot poorly against Xavier, but I liked the aggressiveness to take 8 shots in a big game like that)

6'1" PG/SG - Jordan Taylor = quintessential point guard who distributes the ball well and plays great defense, now if he can just knock down some shots next season...
6'4" SG/SF - Rob Wilson = I liked what I saw in his limited minutes this season, if he can cut down on the turnovers but keep his willingness to drive and post up, he'll be a great offensive shot in the arm off the bench
6'10" PF/C - Jared Berggren = I honestly don't know what to expect from Berggren at all, I hope he can be a good offensive post player and the shot-blocking/altering threat that we were surely missing
6'8" SF/SG - Ryan Evans = Evans is another question mark to me, Bo has said he has been dominant in practices at times, but he alluded to not read too much into it... at the very least, he brings some of that athleticism and length a good number of Badger faithful have pined for which should make for at least a good wing defender

Do the True Freshmen Make the Rotation?

6'8" PF/SF - Mike Bruesewitz = from all accounts, the kid is Joe Krabbenhoft with a jumpshot, athleticism, and red hair... he can handle the ball, defend multiple positions, and rebound well... he may crack the rotation if the other 3 front-liners aren't good enough to dominate the minutes available or, hopefully, because he's just that good
6'3" SG - Diamond Taylor = another long guard with great scoring ability and according to his high school coaches, a great defender too... but with the 6 back-court players ahead of him in this rotation, I don't know if he'll crack the line-up, even with three guards on the court most of the time

I really like the versatility of this rotation. They have the height to play a big team, depth at guard to match-up with a 3 guard team, and athleticism and length to play an athletic team...

Big = go with Hughes/Taylor, Wilson, Jarmusz/Evans, Leuer, and Berggren

Small = go with Hughes/Taylor, Bohannon, Wilson, Jarmusz/Evans, and Leuer/Nankivil

Athletic = go with Hughes/Taylor, Wilson, Evans, Leuer, and Berggren

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