Friday, April 30, 2010

Breaking News! Wisconsin wins appeal in Brust's favor!

This morning, the 11-member faculty committee voted in favor of waiving the rule restricting Mundelein, IL guard Ben Brust from receiving a scholarship from any Big Ten school other than Iowa. This is great news for Wisconsin as it is perceived that he is a Wisconsin lean at this point and the rule was the only thing stopping him from becoming a Badger. The UW representative on the committee, law professor Walter Dickey, was unable to comment on this specific case, but had this to say in regards to the rule,"the basic rationale behind the rule is to try to both support the national letter of intent and to prevent coaching or raiding (players). That is important to us within the conference. (But) every rule can’t ever cover every possible situation. I think one way of looking at it is you’ve got to uphold the rules no matter what. And I think another view, which is mine, is that if rigid and mechanical adherence to rules that don’t advance their purpose, (it) undermines the legitimacy of the rules. The other thing that has to be foremost here is student welfare. It is a free country. Although the conference has an interest in putting sound limitations on it, we should never forget that the welfare of the young people is what this is about.” I don't think it could be said better. Well done faculty committee.

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