Thursday, April 29, 2010

Devon Hodges Decommits

Two days ago, 6'7" forward Devon Hodges reopened his recruitment, nixing his verbal commitment to be a part of Wisconsin's 2011 freshman class. Several reasons have been voiced, involving Hodges being recruited as a 4 instead of a 2/3, making sure he didn't choose Wisconsin just because his father is a Wisconsin fan, and negative comments made about Hodges on Wisconsin message boards. As for not wanting to be recruited as a 4, I don't really believe that a good reasoning on his part. In Wisconsin's swing offense, the differences between a 2, 3, 4, and 5 is very, very slim. If he has the ability to become a big 2, Bo will produce it. Marcus Landry was similar in skill set and body type in high school, and came into UW as an undersized center and left as a legit 3, good enough to earn an NBA contract. Alando Tucker came in as an undersized power forward and left as an All-American small forward, good enough to be a first round draft pick as a 2 guard.

Lastly, if the Vander Blue saga hadn't made it abundantly clear that recruits and their families read message board postings about themselves/their sons, this certainly reinforces it. I've always posted under the mantra of "if you wouldn't say it to the person's face, don't write it". It's quite obvious many people don't follow the same logic. Saying something that is constructive criticism is okay, but negative hyperbole that's based upon a youtube video or season statistics that don't live up to your standards don't do anyone any good.

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