Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maryland Box Score Observations

Opening Comments: What a great win. Come tournament time, we can cite this win against an ACC team on neutral territory, to go with the AZ win.

Summarizing the game in a few words: UW knocked down 10 of 22 threes and 16 of 20 free throws to overcome a sloppy 23% turnover performance.

Pace: The game was 65 possessions, which is average for this year, and 5 more than our average last year.

Efficiency: UW gave up 1.06 PPP, which is not good. We should hold opponents under 1.00. But, UW scorched the nets at 1.20 PPP, which is excellent, particularly against a ranked ACC team (formerly ranked as of the next poll I assume).

Shooting: UW dropped their threes and free throws, which won the game.

eFG%: Maryland hit a nice 53% eFG%, but UW smoked them with 58.5%.

3 pt shooting: UW took more 3’s than their opponent, again, but this time the results were much different than against the Zag’s. UW invested 9 extra possessions in 3 point shooting. They were rewarded with 5 extra baskets, or a plus 15 points from beyond the arc. Maryland was a nice 5/13, or 38%. UW was a red hot 10 of 22 or 45%.

2pt shooting: Both teams were comparably efficient from inside. Maryland hit 22 of 43 for 51%, while UW was 16 of 31 for 52%. In quality, it was a draw. In quantity, Maryland got back 12 of the 15 points they lost outside the arc.

1pt shooting: UW took 3 extra shots – 20 to UM’s 17, but made 6 more. UW was a very good 16 of 20 for 80% while Maryland was an off 10 of 17 for 59%.

Rebounding: UW defended the glass well and attacked the offensive boards effectively.

UW Defensive end: On UW’s defensive end, there were 31 rebounding opportunities and UW grabbed 22 (Maryland got 9) or 71% of the caroms. The boggy is 67% defensive, 33% offensive. UW typically does much better holding opponents to 26% last year (with Krabbenhoft and Landry). So, this was a fairly average performance, which is good.

UW Offensive End: UW beat the average and grabbed 37% of the boards, getting 11 of 30. UW typically is willing to sacrifice rebounding opportunities for defense, but the picking were ripe and plentiful.

Turnovers: Ugh. UW puked up 15, or 23%. That is waaaaay too many. UW last year was around 16%, which is one of the best in the nation.

Maryland had 9 for 14% of possessions. The -6 turnover margin is troublesome. But, the rebounding and three point shooting overcame this problem, this time.

Fouls: UM had 20 to UW’s 18. UW took the two extra fouls and parlayed them into 3 extra shots.

BTW, our opponents have attempted 104 FT’s and we have only made 67. We are a long way from claiming the “we make more FT than our opponents take mantra.

Playing time: Bo went 8 deep, with Taylor, Bruesewitz, and Evans getting double digit minutes. Wilson (3) and Berggren (2) saw action.

Notable Performances: JBO was back to his effective self, and then some. He only took 7 shots from the floor (cue the “JBO cannot create his own shot …” BS) but scored 20 points by hitting 6-6 from the line and 4-5 from deep. He added three boards and yet another block. JBo, long will the tales of your exploits be told around the campfires of my people. JBo is making a strong play for being my new favorite player, replacing the recently departed Joe Krabbenhoft.

Tim Jarmusz must have avoided reading the thread about how he was a recruiting mistake. He was his usual efficient self scoring 5 on 3 shots and grabbing 4 boards while playing half the game. TJ, I salute you.

Hughes did a very good job on Vasquez. Vasquez hit some threes late, true, but Hughes helped neutralize Vasquez’s performance by scoring 14 on 17 shots. Vasquez hurt his team with 5 turnovers. Ouch. Hughes had 3 TO’s.

Leuer had 16 on 11 shots and had 7 boards. Nice.

Grading Shetown’s predictions:

1. Badgers force the inside game, with Leuer and Nankivil combining for more than 25 points. With Maryland’s lack of size, I like Wisconsin’s bigs scoring opportunities. Close. Leuer and Nankivil score 23.

2. Badgers protect the ball, turning it over less than 20% of the time. Maryland has forced many turnovers, but I think the Badgers are too disciplined for it to be a factor. Major Miss. UW puked up 15 TO’s and 23%.

3. Jarmusz, Evans, Breusewitz, and maybe Hughes hold Vasquez to less than 13 points. General Greivis has been struggling shooting the ball this season and I think his woes continue against the Badgers. Miss, sort of. Vasquez scored 18, but he was not decisive.

4. Badgers hold the Terps to below 45% shooting inside the arc. Maryland has been hot shooting inside the arc this season but I like the Badgers to cool them off. Miss. The Terps hit 51%.

5. Bohannon and Jarmusz break the ice and connect on more than 35% of their 3’s. Am I the only one that finds it sad that this is a ballsy call on my part? They gotta start falling sometime. Major hit. JBo goes 4-5, TJ hits 1 or 2 for a combined 5-7.

My Prediction: Badgers regroup to make the Turtles unhappy together, 72-58 in a 64-possession game. Hit. UW wins 78 -69 in 65.

Closing Thoughts: Bo does it again. He finds a way to out execute the opponent.

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