Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cal Poly Box Score Observations

Opening Comments: It was a fine day at the Kohl health spa for the Badger’s offense. See Link for box score.

Summarizing the game in a few words: Think up a phase of the game and UW was superior (except, or course, FT defense).

Pace: The game was a traditional 65 possessions, which is on our average for the year.

Efficiency: Was it offense or defense? Both, in major doses.

When Cal Poly had the ball, they scored at .65 PPP. That was best this year beating Oakland’s .68 PPP.

When UW had the ball, we scored at 1.38 PPP, the best this year. The previous best was 1.27 versus Grambling.

Shooting: Wow. It is amazing how many points you can score when the opponent chooses not to guard you at the arc and cannot guard you inside the arc.

eFG%: Cal Poly was held to 40% while UW stroked baskets at a stunning 74%. Yikes!

UW typically holds opponents to 44% and score at 53%.

3 pt shooting: Cal Poly was a respectable 4/14 or 29% from deep. UW typically holds opponents to 32%. Meanwhile, UW was a stunning 13/24 for 54%, besting our average of 36%. This makes a eFG% of 81% outside the arc. UW picked up 27 points outside the arc.

2pt shooting: Since outside the arc was not working real well, Cal Poly tried 33 shots inside the arc. They made 13 or 39%. UW tried only 27 shots inside the arc, fewest of the year. But, UW made 18 or 67%. We usually get 53%. UW picked up another 10 points inside the arc.

1pt shooting: Our free throw defense was abysmal again. Cal Poly hit 4 of 5 for 80%. Meanwhile, UW was 15 of 19 for 72%.

This problem with free throw defense must be laid at the feet of the students. They need to come up with a new strategy. Perhaps next week after finals are over, they could get to work on that.

Rebounding: UW won the raw rebounding battle 29 to 22.

UW Defensive end: There were 29 rebounding opportunities and UW got 24 or gave up 17%. For the year, our opponents have grabbed 26%. Score a major win for UW.

Given how poorly Cal Poly shot, I thought there would be more than 7 extra rebounding opportunities. To understand, see the turnovers.

UW Offensive End: There were only 22 rebounding opportunities on UW’s offensive end. UW grabbed 5 or 23%. Our norm is 32% this year, which is about the national average but higher than previous years.

Turnovers: Cal Poly coughed up 22 turnovers for an incredible 34% TO Rate. Ouch. Our opponents typically are at 20%.

Meanwhile, UW had 9 for 14%. This is better than our typically excellent 17%. That puts us up +19 for the year (+13 here and +6 against MU).

Fouls: Cal Poly had 19 and UW 12. The norms are 22 for our opponents and 17 for UW.

Playing time: Bo played 8 players 10 or more minutes but no one played more than 27 (once more, JBO lead the way with 27 minutes). Rob Wilson got 18 and Ian Markolf took off the red shirt.

Notable Performances: There are more good performances than I feel like listing. Here are some one liners:

  • Hughes 20 points on 10 shots, 4-5 from deep, 6 boards, 0 TO’s, 4 steals
  • JBO 4-5 from deep, 12 points three boards
  • Leuer missed his third straight dub dub my scoring 15 on 10 shots, 8 rebounds
  • Evans scored 8 on 2-3 FGA, 4-6 from the line
  • Taylor got 9 on 2-5 from the floor, 4-4 from the line
  • Keaton scored 12 on 4-6 from the floor, 2-4 from deep, 2-2 from the line, 6 boards in 23 minutes

When my people gather around the campfire, we will wonder why we bothered to play this game.

Grading Shetown’s Predictions

1. Badgers hold onto the ball, getting the ball stolen only 8% or less. Cal Poly’s pressure has forced many steals, but I think Wisconsin’s veteran guards nullify that strength. Hit. Cal Poly had 2 steals for 3%.

2. Jon Leuer continues to dominate, scoring 20 or more points if he plays long enough. Cal Poly doesn’t have the front line to stop him. Miss, sort of. He did not play enough. He got 15 in 23 minutes.

4. Badgers hold the Mustangs to 40% or less shooting inside the arc. They have been shooting about average inside the arc but I like the Badgers to shut them down inside. Hit. That was a very aggressive estimate. Cal Poly was at 39%.

5. The Badgers don’t give up a free throw rate above 35. Cal Poly gets to the line a ton, but I think Wisconsin is much more disciplined defensively than their previous opponents. Hit. They took 5 FTA and 47 FGA (33 twos, 14 threes). That put them at 10%.

6. The student section defends the free throw line better, holding them to 66% or less. The student section needs to improve on their 11th worst in the nation and I think a below average free throw shooting Cal Poly team that played South Dakota State less than 24 hours before their date at Wisconsin is ripe for bad free throw shooting. Major miss. Cal Poly as at 80%. This must be stopped.

Score: The Badgers keep rolling, downing the Mustangs 81-54 in 65 possessions. Hit. UW wins 90-42 in 65 possessions.

The “We make more FT than our opponents attempt” Scoreboard

A critical part of the Badger drinking game, that has been lost for a year and a half, is UW making more FT than our opponents attempt. Here is the latest:


FTM 144

FTA 190

% 76%


FTM 166

FTA 232

% 72%

Opponents Attempted: 190, UW Made: 166, Deficit: 24

Closing Thoughts: Did you hear that Jeronne Maymon quit are Marquette? biggrin

I understand that UW sold 17,000 plus tickets but I wonder if the team would have advanced farther if they simply had a practice. The money is nice, but it would be great to get a more competitive opponent. I know there are difficulties trying to schedule, but this game was hardly worth playing.

Bruce Benson

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