Thursday, December 24, 2009

UW-Milwaukee Box Score Observations

Opening Comments: The Badgers were a bit sluggish as might be expected coming off of finals and having a lackluster crowd due to the holidays and weather. As you may have noticed I'm doing thise instead of turumon. He's enjoying the holidays but will make a triumphant return.

Pace: The game was a snail's pace 57 possessions, which is 8 below our season average.

Efficiency: Was it offense or defense? Most definitely the offense.

When UW-M had the ball, they scored at 1.02 PPP.

When UW had the ball, we scored at 1.19 PPP.


eFG%: UW-M was a respectable 52% while UW was an okay 49%. So how did the Badgers come out on top comfortably with a one shot difference in field goal attempts?

UW typically holds opponents to 44% and score at 53%.

3 pt shooting: UW-M was a good 6/15 or 40% from deep. UW typically holds opponents to 32%. Meanwhile, UW was a bad 4/16 for 25%, well below our average of 36%. UW-M picked up 6 points outside the arc.

2pt shooting: UW-M tried 35 shots inside the arc. They made 17 or 49%. UW tried 35 shots inside the arc too, connecting on 19 or 54%. UW picked up 4 points inside the arc.

1pt shooting: Our free throw defense was outstanding for once. UW-M hit 6 of 12 for 50%. Meanwhile, UW was a sizzling 18 of 20 for 90%. This was the game, as UW picked up 12 points at the line.

Rebounding: UW won the raw rebounding battle 31 to 25.

UW Defensive end: There were 28 rebounding opportunities and UW got 22 or gave up 21%. For the year, our opponents have grabbed 26%. Score a major win for UW.

UW Offensive End: There were 28 rebounding opportunities on UW’s offensive end. UW grabbed 9 or 32%, right at our average for the season.

Turnovers: UW-M coughed up 7 turnovers for a great 12% TO Rate. Ouch. Our opponents typically are at 20%.

Meanwhile, UW, not to be out done, had 6 for 11%. This is better than our typically excellent 17%. Should have been 5, but Trevon inbounded the ball to a UW-M to end the game.

Fouls: UW-M had 22 and UW 13. The norms are 22 for our opponents and 17 for UW.

Playing time: Bo played 6 players 10 or more minutes, with Jordan Taylor getting 32 minutes. Ryan Evans played 8 minutes and Mike Bruesewitz had 4.

Notable Performances: Jon Leuer scored 25 points on 11 of 14 shooting, with 6 boards and 2 blocks. Campfires... turumon's people...

Jordan Taylor and Keaton Nankivil both scored 14 apiece very efficiently.

Grading My Predictions

1. Badgers assert the inside game taking more than 40 2s and shooting them at 54% or better Foul tip. I got the shooting percentage right, but they only took 35.

2. J-BO stays hot, scoring 13 or more and hitting 45% or better from 3. Miss. He scored 4 points on 1 of 4 from 3.

3. Badgers hold the Panthers to 43% or less shooting inside the arc. Miss. UW-M hit 49%.

Score: The Badgers win 83-59 in 67 possessions. Miss. UW wins 68-58 in 57 possessions.

The “We make more FT than our opponents attempt” Scoreboard

A critical part of the Badger drinking game, that has been lost for a year and a half, is UW making more FT than our opponents attempt. Here is the latest:


FTM 150

FTA 202

% 74%


FTM 184

FTA 252

% 73%

Opponents Attempted: 202, UW Made: 184, Deficit: 18

Closing Thoughts: This game went as most expected, with Wisconsin leading but never really breaking it open. Up next are the Flames of IUC. Should be a barnburner, pun intended. Until next time, have a wonderful holiday season and for those of you in the many bad weather areas, have safe travels.

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