Sunday, November 7, 2010

Box Score Observations - the UWL kick the tires version

Opening Comments: This is truly a box score observation. I did not go to the game, see it on TV (maybe tonight), or listen on the radio.

It was great that the University scheduled a few exhibition games so I can get the kinks out of the system – which in my case is my spreadsheet. Very thoughtful. Please point out any errors so I can be ready to go when the real bullets are flying.

My comments and observations must be tempered by the fact that this is a game against a D3 opponent, obviously. Here goes ...

Summarizing the game in a few words: UW beat UWL in all phases of the game: Shot better, shot more often, got to the line more, fouled less, and turned the ball over less.

Pace: The game had 62 possessions, which is about normal for UW. Last year we averaged 60, 58 in conference games.

Efficiency: UW put up a most impressive 1.33 PPP. Last year we averaged a stellar 1.11, 1.09 in conference. UW held UWL to .94 PPP. That was pretty normal for UW, who held opponents to .95 last year, .97 in conference.

Shooting: UW won the quantity and quality battle inside the arc and at the line.

eFG%: UWL shot an eFG% of 49%, not bad. UW was at 57%. Last year, we held opponents to 46% and hit at 52%. UW restrained themselves and took only 28% of their shot attempts outside the arc.

3 pt shooting: Three point shooting was pretty even with UW getting a small edge. UWL made 38% (9 of 24) while UW was marginally better with 41% (7 of 17). UWL got 6 extra points outside.

2pt shooting: UW won the quantity and quality battle inside the arc. UWL was 14 of 32, 44%. UW took an extra 12 shots, 44, and made 10 extra baskets, 24 hitting 55%. UW picked up 20 points inside.

1pt shooting: UW got to the line 14 more times (UW 18, UWL only 4) and made a nice 15, or 83%. UWL hit all four of their shots. Will this be the year UW gets back the “we make more FT’s than our opponents attempt” crown back? UW picked up 11 points at the line.


UW Defensive end: When UWL was shooting, there were 33 rebounding opportunities and UW got 26, or 79% leaving UWL with 21% of their misses. That is very good and a Bo Ryan trademark.

UW Offensive End: When UW was shooting, there were 31 opportunities for caroms and UW snared 15, or 48%. Regular readers will note that offensive rebounding is not something Bo stresses. So, getting 48% is highly unusual.

Turnovers: UWL had 12 turnovers for a good 19% turnover rate. UW topped that and only let 9 go for a very good 14%.

Opportunity Index: UW had a plus 11 Opportunity index (Plus 3 turnover margin and plus 8 offensive rebounding margin). That gave UW 11 extra chances in a 62 possession game.

Fouls: UWL was only whistled for 14 fouls while UW had but 6. Imagine, 6 fouls the whole game. Those 8 extra fouls translated into 14 extra free throw attempts and 10 extra points for UW.

Playing time: Bo played 9 ten or more minutes. Besides the starters, Smith got 14, Gasser an impressive 20, Bruesewitz 17, and Berggren 11. Obviously, an exhibition game.

Notable Performances: Leuer got a 15-10 dub dub, but needed 12 FGA and 5 FTA to get there. Nankivil scored 15 on 9 shots, 2-3 from deep and added three boards. Taylor hit double figures with 12 on 8 shots, two FGA’s. Since this was an exhibition game, it is sad to say that the Badger’s exploits will probably not be told around the campfires of my people for very long.

For UWL, Mane and Hanson did the damage scoring a combined 41 on 15 of 30 shooting, 7 of 16 from deep. That was the bulk of their offense.

Grading Shetown’s Predictions

1. The Badgers score more than 35 points in the paint. The Eagles are small and poor at defending it anyway. Jon and Keaton should have a field day. Miss. UW had 32 in the paint.

2. The freshman combine for more than 10 points. I like the newbies to use their size and athletic advantages to show what they can do offensively. Hit. The freshmen combined for an impressive 19 on only 11 FGA’s.(Brust 4, Dukan 6, Gasser 9, and Anderson 0).

3. The Badger shoot better than 36% from 3. I think LAX will try to limit points in the paint by collapsing on the post. This should make for some great looks from downtown. Hit. UW made 41% from deep.

4. The Badgers grab more than 79% of the rebounding opportunities on the defensive end. LaCrosse does not have a proficiency at offensive rebounding and are at a significant height disadvantage. This adds up to domination by the Badgers on the defensive boards. Miss. UW got 79%. Just to be sure, I expanded the cell and it was 78.8%. As is Shetown’s custom, he says “more than” and when an equal to or greater comment would have worked. Okay, I’m a tough grader. Shetown, you have an amazing knack for this.

Closing Thoughts: I look forward to watching the replay tonight if for no other reason than it has been 7+ grueling months since last the basketball team laced ‘em up.

On a side note, I need to pick a new favorite player. Last year it was Bohannon. Before that Krabbenhoft, Flowers, Tucker, Wilk, Danny Jones and a bunch more. This is an important decision that will undoubtedly be a heavy responsibility for whomever is anointed. Any thoughts would be helpful.

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