Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ohio State Box Score Observations

Opening Comments: Wisconsin won a most important 71-67 home game against Ohio State. This was a major resume builder for the seeding committee to consider, not to mention the staff of the Cousy Award.

Summarizing the game in a few words: Both teams played good offense, but Bo’s strategy of taking the three worked this game.

Pace: The game had 57 thrilling possessions. That was about on par for a UW game.

Efficiency: Was it offense or defense? UW clearly had superior offense today. OSU scored at 1.18 PPP. That should win most games, but not this one. Our opponents had been scoring at 1.03 in conference. So, this was a good day for OSU’s offense, or a bad day for UW’s defense. But, when you play the #1 team, you would expect them to score well, and they did.

UW scored an excellent 1.25 PPP. UW has the #1 rated offense in the nation, and proved it. We have been at 1.19PPP in both conference and non conference play.

Shooting: Both teams made 25 FGA’s. UW had the good fortune of making more from deep – 12 to OSU’s 3. Those 9 extra points could not be overcome from the free throw line.

eFG%: OSU posted a 58% eFG%. That is very good. UW out shot them with an even healthier 63%.

3 pt shooting: UW won the game at the arc. UW outshot OSU in both quantity and quality. OSU was 3 of 9 for 33%. UW was 12 of 24, 50%. I like it when both teams keep the math easy. That gave UW an extra 27 points from the arc.

2pt shooting: Inside, OSU did well, as one might expect. OSU was 22 of 37 for 59%. They scored 24 points in the paint, 20 from mid range. UW was 13 of 25 for 52%. Not bad. UW got 16 points in the paint. OSU outscored UW 44 to 26 inside the arc, or by 18 points. That gave UW a net +9 from the floor.

1pt shooting: OSU shot well at the line. They were 14 of 16 for 88%. UW missed 4. Ugh. UW was 9 of 13 for 69%. But, OSU could not profit from the line enough to defeat our superior shooting from deep.

The “We Make More Free Throws Than Our Opponents Attempt” Scoreboard

UW Makes: 309 Opponent Attempts: 372 Difference: -63

Trevor Mbakwe Challenge:

Having missed 4 FTA today, UW is not behind Trevor by 3 this year. I have faith in UW’s ability to catch him.

Floor Location:

Location UW Opp

Arc 51% 13%

Mid Range 14% 30%

Paint 23% 36%

FT Line 13% 21%

UW killed from deep.

Rebounding: Both teams defended the defensive glass effectively, but UW somewhat better.

UW Defensive end: When OSU shot, there were 22 rebounding opportunities and OSU got 4 for 18%. Excellent work by UW.

UW Offensive End: When UW shot, there were 26 caroms and UW got 6 for 22%. Not good for UW, but not unexpected. UW had two memorable offensive rebounds – One that lead to a Bruesewitz put back and Leuer’s rebound late.

Turnovers: OSU had 7 turnovers for an excellent 12% turnover rate. UW did well with 9 for a 16% rate. That would be good for most teams, but not UW who is typically around 13%.

Opportunity Index: The OI was a wash. UW had two extra offensive rebounds and OSU had two fewer turnovers. OSU had 3 extra second chance points (8 to 5) but UW had one extra point off turnovers – 11 to 10.

Fouls: OSU had the advantage – 14 for OSU, 17 for US. I guess the refs did not find the unmarked envelope behind the trash can with the bills. Someone must look into this oversight.

Playing time: Besides the starters, Evans had 11 minutes and Bruesewitz a life-saving 22.

OSU played their typical short bench. Matta went small and stayed small. Lauderdale only played 6 and Craft 34.

Notable Performances: What can you say about Jordan Taylor. Jordan scored 27 on 13 FGA’s. He had but one lonely turnover but 7 assists. He was 6-9 from the line and grabbed 4 boards. Jordan, long will the tales of your exploits be told around the campfires of my people.

Leuer scored 12 but need 14 FGA’s. He was able to avoid the turnover bug today. Jon, I salute you!

Gasser and Bruesewitz were fantastic. Gasser scored 11 on 5 shots, grabbed 7 boards, and had one turnover. Bruesewitz was also 4-5. He was 2-2 from deep, the last one being one for Badger lore. Josh and Mike, my people are thrilled to know we will be discussing your exploits for years to come. Great job!

For OSU, Sullinger got a 19-12 dub dub. That is a typical outstanding performance this beast. Buford scored 21 on 18 shots and one turnover. Craft was tough. Unfortunately for him, he will largely be remembered as the guy that could not stop Taylor. But, he is a fine looking player.

Grading Shetown’s Predictions

1. Keaton has a Purdue game-like performance, draining more than 3 threes. I think OSU's concern for Jordan and Jon combined with their bigs being uncomfortable on the perimeter makes for a great night for Keaton. Miss. Keaton was 1-6 from deep

2. The Badgers grab more than 77% of the defensive rebounding opportunities. No one that plays more than 15 minutes a game for the Buckeyes other than Sullinger grabs a lot of boards, especially on the offensive end. Hit. Got 78%.

3. Jared Sullinger scores less than 20 points or has an efficiency below 1.00 PPP if he has +20. The Badgers formally welcome the "diaper dandy" to the Kohl Center... where winning streaks go to die. Hit and miss. He scored 19, but only needed 12 possessions to do it (12 FGA’s, 4 FTA’s, -3 off rebounds, and one TO).

My Prediction: The Badgers ruin another Buckeye team's hope for a perfect season, willing their way to a 65-63 win in 55 possessions. Hit. 71-67 in 57.

Closing Thoughts: Whew! What a game. Great job by all.

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