Sunday, January 24, 2010

After Four Games Sans Leuer...

With Leuer
Possessions per 40 Minutes: 63
Offensive PPP: 1.125
Offensive Turnover Rate: 15.9%
Offensive 2-Point Shooting: 51.9% (280/540)
Offensive 3-Point Shooting: 35.6% (108/303)
Offensive Free Throw Rate: 39.5
Offensive 3FGA/FGA: 35.9%
Off Reb Rate: 30.6%

Defensive PPP: 0.906
Defensive Turnover Rate: 19.2%
Defensive 2-Point Shooting: 42.3% (249/588)
Defensive 3-Point Shooting: 31.8% (69/217)
Defensive Free Throw Rate: 37.3
Defensive 3FGA/FGA: 27%
Def Reb Rate: 75.9%

Without Leuer
Possessions per 40 Minutes: 56
Offensive PPP: 1.089
Offensive Turnover Rate: 13.4%
Offensive 2-Point Shooting: 51.4% (53/103)
Offensive 3-Point Shooting: 27.5% (30/109)
Offensive Free Throw Rate: 27.4
Offensive 3FGA/FGA: 51.4%
Off Reb Rate: 25%

Defensive PPP: 1.022
Defensive Turnover Rate: 20.5%
Defensive 2-Point Shooting: 47.2% (67/142)
Defensive 3-Point Shooting: 40.4% (21/52)
Defensive Free Throw Rate: 24.2
Defensive 3FGA/FGA: 26.8%
Def Reb Rate: 74.6%

The PPPs changed quite a bit, but I think we can chalk that up to better competition. But there have been some drastic changes. Three point shooting and the free throws to shot attempts ratio has fallen greatly. Their tempo has slowed to a crawl. And even though Jon was the opposite of turnover prone, they have really cut back on turnovers... maybe due to Taylor's increased time at the point, as he isn't as aggressive in risk-taking as Pop.

Oddly, the opponents have shot less free throws, haven't been able to grab more offensive rebounds, and shoot about the same amount of threes. Their shooting ability has increased quite a bit too.

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