Sunday, January 24, 2010

PSU 2.0 Box Score Observations

Opening Comments: Was there any doubt?

I tip my cap to PSU for a job well done (well, almost). They adopted NU’s student’s admonition and made shots.

I saw the game from the top row of the corner of the Kohl Center. But, from that odd angle, it appeared to me that UW had good shots and did not make them. PSU had good shots and made them. Sometimes basketball is all about making shots. Nothing more. UW waited to make their shots and barely got the job done.

Summarizing the game in a few words: UW’s performance picked up late and was barely able to tie the game and then continue their productive scoring into OT. PSU’s turnovers were killers.

Pace: The game had 69 possessions. Then again, the game also had 5 extra minutes. I took a look at the game log and believe there were 10 possessions in the OT. So, that gives us 59 for regulation.

Efficiency: Was it offense or defense? This might take some untangling. UW ended the game with a very good 1.14 PPP (average 1.10 overall, 1.03 in conference). UW gave up 1.03 PPP, more than our usual .91 overall, .93 in conference. So, overall, UW had a better than average offensive game and worse than usual defensive game (or, PSU had a good offensive game and bad defensive game, or some combination of the two).

At the end of the game, UW ended up scoring 79 points in 69 possessions, or a very good 1.14 PPP. But, they also scored 19 points on 10 possessions in OT. So, UW scored 60 in 59 during regulation, or 1.02, I believe.

Shooting: UW got more shots from the floor, 60 to 56, but was outscored by three from the floor. UW made up the difference and then some at the line.

eFG%: PSU had the best shooting day of the year against UW. They hit an eFG% of 58%. Ugh. Life is good when your shots are going down. On the other end, UW hit 52%, our ninth best of the year. We had only been shooting 47% in conference.

3 pt shooting: PSU was an excellent 7 of 15 or 47% from the arc. That was the fourth best against us this year (GB, MSU and OSU 2.0 all had 50% against us).

Meanwhile, UW made 3 extra deep shots, 10, but launched 18 more to get those extra 3 shots. UW ended up going 10 of 33 or 30%.

UW picked up 9 points outside the arc.

2pt shooting: Inside, PSU was an excellent 22 of 41 for 54%. UW took fewer shots, 27, made fewer, 16, but hit a higher percentage – 59%. That was our fourth best performance inside the arc this year (IPFW 71%, Cal Poly 67%, Grambling 64%). Due to PSU superior quantity inside the arc, they outscored UW by 12 inside the arc.

1pt shooting: PSU was an excellent 6 of 8 for 75%. UW was a stunning 17 of 19 for 89%. Those 11 points from the line overcame PSU superior shooting to win the game. UW shot 10-11 in OT when the chips were down.

Rebounding: PSU outrebounded UW in raw numbers 38 to 24. Ugh. PSU did okay on the offensive end and very good on their defensive end.

UW Defensive end: There were 30 rebounding opportunities on UW’s defensive end and PSU got 8 or 30%. While that is more than the 24% we typically give up, it is less than the national average of 33%. So, I would call that a minor victory for PSU.

UW Offensive End: On the other end, PSU clanked enough shots to get 38 rebound opportunities and UW only got 5 or 14%. That is not good at all. We should be pushing 30% or better.

Turnovers: This was a major factor in the game. PSU had 18 or 26% turnover rate while UW had a microscopic 5 or 7%. That gave UW a +13 turnover margin. Yeah.

Opportunity Index: UW had a +13 turnover and minus 3 offensive rebounds for a sturdy +10 Opportunity Index. That was critical to overcoming PSU’s superior shooting.

Fouls: PSU had 17 to UW’s 12. In conference, we have been averaging 16.3 and our opponents 17.4. The more important result was a plus 11 FTA’s and +11 points from the line.

Playing time: Bo went 6 deep. Trevon, Keaton and Jason all got over 40. Rob Wilson played 36, Jarmusz played 13. Evans had 6 and Bruesewitz 4.

PSU also played only 6 ten or more minutes.

Notable Performances:

Taylor scored 20 on 14 shots, 3-8 from deep, 5-6 from the line, 3 rebounds, and 6 assists. The 3-8 from deep was not so hot, but it was the order that they came in that is memorable. He got hot in the nick of time. He had zero turnovers. Jordan, long will the tales of your exploits be told around the campfires of my people.

Hughes had another nice line. He score 22 on 17 shots, 3-10 from deep, a perfect 5-5 from the line, five boards, and no turnovers.

Keaton Nankivil scored 17 on 9 shots, 7-9 from the field, and 7 boards.

JBO scored 13 on 12 shots, 3-10 from deep, 2-2 from the line, five rebounds, and two more blocks. Please join me in a graffiti campaign “Air JBo lives.

Trevon, Keaton, JBo, people, fires, … I salute you.

Grading Shetown’s Predictions

1. Battle doesn’t reach 15. Hughes has always been able to bully him into a bad game. Miss. Battle scored 28 on 23 shots and one trip to the line, an offensive board, and 3 turnovers. So, he scored 28 on 26 possessions. So, he was certainly contained, but not stopped.

2. Hughes scores more than 15. Hughes can bully Battle on the other side of the ball. Hit. Hughes scored 22 on 17 FGA’s, 2 trips to the line (one was a +1 on a made basket), no offensive boards and no TO’s. Or, he scored 22 on 19 possessions.

3. Badgers attempt more than 15 free throws. Hughes and Taylor drive to the rim and draw a bunch of fouls, garnering throws early and often. Hit. They tried 19 and made 17.

4. Jason Bohannon lights up PSU, scoring more than 13. He seems to play more assertively off the dribble in the Kohl. Miss. Why don’t you say 13 or more. You keep getting ripped on that.

My Prediction: The Badgers win again, beating the Lions 65-52 in 56 possessions. Hit, but for the wrong reasons. Won 79 – 71, 69 possessions, plus one OT. It was 60-60 in 59 possessions in regulation.

Closing Thoughts: At this late date, I have finally landed on JBo as my favorite player. This was a tough decision to be sure. But, his shot blocking has fascinated me. He is a shot blocking machine. Go JBo. He is a very good defender, a strong rebounder and a strong all around player. Being my favorite player is a major responsibility. Carry the burden well and go forth and conquer.

As a side note, I almost lost Mrs. Turomon today. She is a good woman, has a strong back, good teeth, and many good years left in her. But, games like this may drive her to an early grave. I was surprise she survived the Dick Bennett years. Those teams played every game, good or bad opponents, down to the wire. Today’s game pushed the limit. I would strongly prefer that the Badger’s blow out a few teams to get her back to earth.

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