Thursday, January 6, 2011

Michigan Box Score Observations

Opening Comments: UW ground down a feisty Michigan team to win 66 to 50.

I took off the Illinois game because I had an emergency run to the Rose Bowl. I just got in at 1:30 am, today, January 6. I don’t know if anyone pinch hit for me for the Illinois game or not, but if someone did, thanks. If not, perhaps you appreciate these posts a little more.

Summarizing the game in a few words: UW outshot Michigan from all places on the floor and won with excellent defensive rebounding, free throw shooting, ball protection, and defense.

Pace: The game had 55 possessions, the second fewest of the year.

Efficiency: UW was our typically excellent 1.20 PPP. We have been at 1.19 PPP for the year, 1.15 in conference play.

Michigan scored .91 PPP, close to our opponents typical .94 PPP, 1.05 PPP, in conference play.

Shooting: UW simply outshot Michigan from all points on the floor.

eFG%: Michigan shot well hitting 49% eFG%. UW did even better at 58%, better than our typical 52%, 47% in conference play.

3 pt shooting: Michigan was 8 for 21, 38%. UW hit an excellent 9 of 19 for 47%. Great shooting. UW picked up 3 from deep despite taking two fewer shots.

2pt shooting: Michigan hit 9 of 22 for 41% inside the arc. UW was 12 of 25 for 48%. UW got another 6 inside for a plus 9 from the field.

1pt shooting: Michigan had a great day at the line hitting 8-8, for 100%. UW was our typical excellent 15 of 18 for 83%. It will be hard to beat this team if the free throws keep dropping like this. That gave UW a plus 7 from the line, many coming in the closing minutes when Michigan needed to extend the game.

The “We Make More Free Throws Than Our Opponents Attempt” Scoreboard

UW Makes: 189 Opponent Attempts: 217 Difference: -28

I am going to drop this scoreboard unless someone thinks I should keep it going. We just don’t get to the line like we did during the Tucker years.

The We have missed fewer free throws as a team than Trevor Mbakwe scoreboard is more interesting. UW has missed 46 and Trevor has missed 41. I hope we can make up the difference.

Floor Location:

Location UW Opp

Arc 41% 48%

Mid Range 3% 12%

Paint 33% 24%

FT Line 23% 16%

Rebounding: Both teams successfully defended their defense boards, but UW had complete domination on their end.

UW Defensive end: When Michigan shot, they had 26 rebounding opportunities and grabbed but 2 or 8%. Yikes! The national average is 33%.

UW Offensive End: When UW shot there were 24 rebounding opportunities, and UW got a scant 5 or 21%. While not good, it was much better than Michigan.

Turnovers: Michigan had only 10 turnovers for a good 18%. UW did even better with 8 for 15%. But what a memorable 8 they were, particularly Leuer’s 4. Ugh.

Opportunity Index: UW won the OI by 5. UW had +3 offensive rebounds (+7 second chance points) and +2 turnovers (resulting in +5 points off turnovers).

Fouls: Michigan committed 18 to UW’s 11. Many came late in the game to increase possessions. UW took the extra 7 fouls and got ten extra FTA’s, outscoring Michigan by 7 at the line.

Playing time: Bo broke his pattern and started Wilson and Jarmusz. Eight played double digits including the starters plus Valentyn (11), Gasser (12), and Bruesewitz (13).

Notable Performances: Taylor had a fantastic offensive day. He scored 20 on 8 FGA’s (7-8 from the line). Taylor also chipped in 8 boards and had but one lonely turnover in 39 minutes. Jordan, long will the tales of your exploits be told around the campfires of my people.

Leuer got 17, but needed 15 shots to do it. He added 8 boards and had four uncharacteristic turnovers.

Keaton had a Keaton-like efficient game. He scored 13 on 8 FGA’s, 3-5 from deep. Great job per usual. Keep the efficiency going.

Jarmusz had a Jarmusz-like day. He only scored 2 points and missed to two three point attempts. But, he had 4 assists and a steal without a turnover and chipped in two boards. He played 35 minutes. He also spent a lot of time on Morris, which struck me as an odd matchup. He gave up one layup, but in general did an excellent job defensively. Morris only scored 8 points and had 4 TO’s. Tim, I salute you.

Brett Valentyn got 11 minutes when Michigan decided to zone up. He dropped in a three and added a free throw. Good job. Brett has been doing all the practices, and now he gets some of the rewards.

Grading Shetown’s Predictions

1. The Badgers knock down more than 40% of their threes. Home rims + 1-3-1 zone = blazing nets. Hit. UW scored at an excellent 47%, but many did not come against the zone.

2. Gasser hits double digits for the first time since the Manhattan game. He likes to attack the basket from the left corner/wing, which is an easy thing to do against a 1-3-1. Miss. Gasser got 2 and only played 12 minutes.

3. The Badgers make more free throws than the Wolverines attempt. They also are terrible at getting to the line, and I like the Badgers refocusing their efforts at attacking the basket. Hit. UW made 15 and Michigan tried 8

The Badgers destroy the Wolverines 70-52 in 56 possessions. Hit. 66 to 50 in 55.

Closing Thoughts: Michigan was up against the machine. Bo changed his minutes, but kept with the standard Badger approach. UW ground them down and won going away despite being down at half time.

I like the idea that Bo has two reliable players – Leuer and Taylor – that score day in and day out. The rest of the scoring comes from whomever has the hot hand or the defense allows to be productive. There is no reason, IMHO, that the same guy is the “third” threat. Often, Nankivil is the guy. Other times, matchups will dictate others step up. In this game, Berggren was not a good match up and did not see the court much. Against other teams, he will be the guy. Don’t worry if a player disappears for a game or two. No big deal.

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